Valery Tscheplanowa

Valery Tscheplanowa, born in 1980 in the Russian city Kazan, spent her early childhood there. With 8 years she came to Germany and lived mainly in Kiel. At the age of 17, she went to Dresden to study dance at the Palucca school.
After studying of three semesters puppet play at the Berlin Ernst Busch Acting School she switched to the acting art and completed it in 2005.

As theatrical actress she started on the stage of Deutsches Theater Berlin, later she worked at the House of Acting art in Frankfurt Main and at the Residenztheater Munich, working with directors Dimiter Gotschew, Jürgen Gosch, Frank Castorf, Michael Thalheimer, René Pollesch, Andreas Kriegenburg and Hans Neuenfels. In spring 2017, she appeared in FAUST at the Volksbühne Berlin and was awarded The Actress of the Year for this role.

From 2018 on, Valery's main focus is on acting in movies.

FILM Selection

2017 Son of Sofia, directed by: Elina Psykou
2014 Stereo, directed by: Maximilian Erlenwein
2011 Über uns das All, directed by: Jan Schomburg
2010 Minusland (Kurzfilm), directed by: Katharina Wyss
2008 Speed Racer, directed by: Geschwister Wachowski
2007 Whisky mit Wodka, directed by: Andreas Dresen


THEATER Selection

2017 Berliner Ensemble

Les Misérables, directed by: Frank Castorf

Volksbühne Berlin

Faust (Margarete, Helena, Sorge), directed by: Frank Castorf

2013-16 Residenztheater München

Antigone (Antigone), directed by: Hans Neuenfels

Die Räuber (Franz Moor), directed by: Ulrich Rasche

Die Abenteur des guten Soldaten Svejk im Weltkrieg, directed by: Frank Castorf

Der Bau, directed by: Jakub Gawlik

The Land, directed by: Pipping Tom

The Dark Ages, directed by: Milo Rau

Tasso Tasso, directed by: Philipp Preuss

Eurydice, directed by: Bernhard Mikeska

Zement (Njurka), directed by: Dimiter Gotscheff

2009-13 Schauspiel Frankfurt

Das Käthchen von Heilbronn (Käthchen), directed by: Philipp Preuss

Faust II (Helena, Sorge), directed by: Günter Krämer

Salome (Salome), directed by: Günter Krämer

Stella (Stella), directed by: Andreas Kriegenburg

Maria Stuart (Maria Stuart), directed by: Andreas Kriegenburg

Sozialistische Schauspieler sind schwerer von der Idee eines Regisseurs zu überzeugen,
directed by: René Pollesch

Alice im Wunderland (Alice), directed by: Philipp Preuss

Cabaret, directed by: Michael Simon

Der Diener zweier Herren, directed by: Andreas Kriegenburg

Rosemarie (Rosemarie), directed by: Bernhard Mikeska

M.E.Z., directed by: Karoline Behrens

2006-09 Deutsches Theater Berlin

Idomeneus, directed by: Jürgen Gosch

Das Pulverfass, directed by: Dimiter Gotscheff

Die Hamletmaschine (Ophelia), directed by: Dimiter Gotscheff

Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant, directed by: Philipp Preuss

Die Fledermaus, directed by: Michael Thalheimer

Volpone, directed by: Dimiter Gotscheff


AWARD Selection

2018 Ulrich-Wildgruber-Award Hamburg

German Audio Book Award Best Performer for
Der Tag, an dem mein Großvater ein Held war

2017 Best Actress of the year 2017 Theater today 'Theater heute'

European Film Award Selection for Son of Sofia

Tribeca Film Festival Best International Film for Son of Sofia

Sarajevo Film Festival Nomination Heart of Sarajevo for Son of Sofia

Art Award Berlin Academy of Arts Berlin

2015 Bavarian Art Promotion Award
2014 Alfred Kerr Art Award
2011 Nomination Theater Award Faust for Maria Stuart



1999-05 Ernst Busch Acting School Berlin
1997-99 Palucca Dance School Dresden